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Pathfinder Adventure Path - Serpent's Skull

Pathfinder Adventure Path - Serpent's Skull

Serpent's Skull

Race to the lost city! Deep in the southern jungles, a fantastic city of wonders lies ruined and forgotten by the outside world, ripe for plundering and exploration by the heroes. Yet they aren't alone—several other factions, from deadly Red Mantis assassins to the avaricious Aspis Consortium—have also been tipped off to the city's existence, and the race is on to see who will reach it first. Of course, nothing in the jungle is as easy as it seems. For once they arrive, the heroes discover that the city may be lost, but it is not uninhabited...

The Serpent's Skull Adventure Path takes players from a shipwreck on the dangerous shores of the pirate island called Smuggler's Shiv to the deep forests of the Mwangi Expanse, and into a lost city where an ancient and powerful race of serpentfolk seeks to resurrect their dead god.

Pathfinder Adventure Path is the premiere monthly resource for your fantasy roleplaying campaign. Every month, the Pathfinder Adventure Path brings you a new installment of a 6-part series of interconnected quests that together create a fully developed plot of sweeping scale and epic challenges. In each volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path, you'll meet nuanced characters, visit fantastical locations, face deadly foes, and learn ever more about nefarious plots and an incredible world forged by some of the most popular authors and artists in fantasy gaming. What's more, each Adventure Path also comes complete with new monsters, detailed supplementary chapters on important topics and locations, and fiction in the Pathfinder's Journal—everything you need to make your campaign rich, detailed, and engaging.

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